My Babies

When picking "names" for online references, I wanted to pick something that applied well to each of them. For the younger two, I refer to them by what I sometimes affectionately called them from the time they were babies. For my oldest, though, baby names just don't seem to fit her anymore. So, I went with Princess. I know a lot of people call their little girls by this, but I avoided it (and pink) when she was a baby.  Against my encouragements, pink is still her favorite color!  =0)

Princess -

It is so funny that I got a tiara picture, because she doesn't often wear her dress up clothes.  So, I am glad I got this shot.  Princess definitely likes all the pretty clothes that come with her title, but I believe she also has the character that would make her a good Princess.  She is an amazing big sister who has comforted her brother and sister countless times when I was not available to do so.  She looks out for them and really cares about the things that are important to them.  She is incredibly intelligent and quick-witted, and loves to give me back the advice I so readily give her.  =0)

Little Man -

My Little Man is going to be a gentle giant when he grows up.  He is a sensitive boy who loves people.  Where Princess will shy away, Little Man will introduce himself and ask a person their name.  It was really good that he was born so close to Princess, he really took the "attention" pressure off of her!  He is not quite as intense as the two girls, but makes up for it in sheer energy...the boy never stops moving!  He is extremely talented at puzzles and any other skill that employs visual cues.

Pookie - (Yay, Piggies!)

This is my Pookie. I have no idea why I started calling her that, but I did.  She has the intensity of Princess with almost the energy of Little Man.  Boy are we in for a ride!  She is our comedienne.  She LOVES to make people laugh.  She is also an amazing communicator.  She started speaking in sentences when she was about 17 mos.  She is a feisty little lady, and wants to be wherever the other two are and be doing whatever they are doing.  She is by far the smallest child (not only in age, but also in build) but she is no push-over.  Before she could speak, she chased Little Man with her finger wagging.  I believe we could say of her what my Great-Grandmother used to say about herself, "I may be small, but I am mighty!"