Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pookie's Stitches...

I have never broken a bone. I never had to go to the hospital or gotten stitches, until I was an adult. Watching my little baby go through it was NOT fun. Actually, to be fair, letting my DH watch her go through it was not fun. I had to watch all the lead up to getting the stitches; I knew I would break down if I had to watch them put them in. So, here is the story from my perspective, with some insight from my DH, as well.

I was up washing the dishes that never seem to get done, and I had a thought, “I should play with the girls.” Then I thought, “No, I have not finished the dishes once this week! We only have 15 minutes until we have to leave to pick Little Man up, it would be silly not to finish them now." About five minutes later, I heard the thump and the cry. My baby had fallen off the arm of a chair face first into the floor (…talk about Mommy Guilt!) One look and I thought, “She needs stitches!” I frantically im-ed my DH and had him go to pick up Little Man while the rest of us went to the ER.

I think I was 7 the last time I had to go to an Emergency Room. I don’t remember it. However, I knew, from others’ stories that you wait a long time. So, I wanted to get there ASAP to make sure that we got in line. Pookie had calmed down on the way to the ER, only occasionally saying, “Ow,” as if remembering she had a boo-boo. We got to the ER at 11:09 and they did not see us until 12:30 (not that bad of a wait on paper…but torture for me!) I knew that if she needed stitches, the worst was still ahead. She, however, was running around like a crazy baby, happy as anything –not really complaining at all. When DH got there, he said, "That doesn't look that bad!" I had to agree - with the swelling going down it didn't look as bad. I thought we might dodge the bullet. When they washed out the wound, however, we could again see how deep the cut was and the doctor confirmed that her lip would have to be sewn up.

While they gave my DH some anesthetic to put in the wound, I took my stuff and the older two while he stayed with her. Truthfully, I don’t know which place was worse. I stood outside the door straining to hear, biting my thumb and trying not to cry. My DH said, “If she was scared, she didn’t really show it, though she was probably a little nervous. More like, ‘I wonder what’s gonna happen next?’” Pookie whimpered a little during the first stitch, but no crying. By the time they finished the first stitch, though, she was pretty sure she didn’t want to be there. So, during the break between the two stitches, the nurses tried to distract her with talk about stickers, so when he was getting ready to do stitch 2, she was asking for a sticker. The second stitch was worse because she could feel it a little, so she started to cry; but he worked quickly, so it was over fast. As soon as they let her get up, she stopped crying and was able to go with my DH and was a happy camper again.

This little girl amazes me. She cried a little, but stayed still. Once it was over, she bounced right back. On that first day, she would point at her lip and say, “My boo-boo” but it really hasn’t slowed her down at all. I have not been quite so resilient. Every time she jumps around, or spins until she is so dizzy she falls over, or whatever other crazy activities she decides are fun that day, I am on edge. I have been especially sensitive to Princess being reckless in her play with Pookie. Even leaving her in the nursery at church on Sunday was nerve-wracking. I tend to be a little protective as it is, so anytime my babies get hurt I am on high alert. I am so grateful that she is so calm and easy going about it. I think that is God's grace to me! She will still show me where it is if I ask her, but she doesn't really seem to notice it other than that. The real test will be on Thursday when they come out. Ahhh…to think it is not really over, yet!

Here are some pictures of my brave little girl with her emerging black and blue face. The bruising is getting worse, but her lip is looking better! Gotta look on the bright side. =0)

Day One: Chocolate Ice Cream for Lunch!

Day One, after lunch.

Day Two: Playing with Mommy's iPod.

Day 3: Pookie's solution to her bruising problem.

Day 3: Bruising is getting worse...

...but Pookie is as cute as ever!

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