Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

I shared a while back about our bathroom.  In fact, it has been two years (!!!) since I wrote that blog post.  I can’t even believe it has been that long!  Although we had planned to work on the bathroom at that time, we ended up giving other things priority.   The first year, we found out that we may have to move and sell our house, but we wouldn’t know for sure until winter was in full swing.  So, that year, we decided that getting rid of the jungle that was our “garden” was more pressing, as we could work inside the house in the middle of winter if we had to.  So, we hired a backhoe to come in and demolish all remnants of the garden that was here when we moved in.

The "Jungle"
The Backhoe

Almost done!

The second year, when we had some money, we realized that a shed would be a more universally useful addition to the house.  Buying that would also leave us enough money to purchase a swing set for the kids, which was something we had been planning for years.  If we waited much longer, the kids would not even be interested in using a swing set.  So, we made those changes to the yard, as well.

Choosing a spot for the new swing set.
Playing on the finished swingset

After adding the swing set to our newly cleared yard, we moved on to clearing some of the woods to add our shed.

All cleared and ready to go.
Let the men get to work!
Drilling lessons.
My Princess was not about to miss the chance!
No girl left behind!  Gotta start 'em young.

The finished Shed.
During all that time, this is what we looked at in our bathroom:

Not anymore!  There is some honest-to-goodness change coming to that room!  The initial reason for the demolition of this bathroom was that the pipes were leaking water into the laundry room below.  So, the first order of business was to hire a plumber to come and fix the pipes.  Then, Ryan began his part by putting in a light fixture with a fan, as there was no ventilation in this bathroom other than a small window - which I believe may actually be painted shut.  (He said that cutting a hole in the roof just felt wrong!)  He did a great job, though, and the light fixture looks good and is so quiet!
New pipes & light fixture

The next job was to build the half-wall that will serve as storage on the outside of the shower and a storage area or seat on the inside.   This past weekend, he finished putting up the backer board and we picked out the tile that will be installed in the coming week(s).

New half wall/storage
All prepped for tile.

This is all the first/biggest step in getting our bathroom finished.  Once we install the tile, we will also pick the flooring, vanity and wall color.  Oh, the wall color!  I cannot WAIT to paint over the walls in this room.  I don’t think any other paint job we have done in our house has given me more pleasure than I will get from painting over the awful walls we have looked at the last eight years.  And, it is oh so close!  Until then, I will still be looking at this:

Like the vanity???  The colors???
How 'bout that sponging?

I guess I will just have to be happy the days are numbered for the vanity and walls and start picturing what I want them to look like. I can't wait to post more pictures of the new changes!

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