Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The (hopefully) before pictures...

My editor (DH) suggested that I should tone down the language of this post to protect the innocent. So, here we go. I thought we had the ugliest bathroom, until I saw on HGTV that there were people worse off than us. In saying that, though, I would like to submit these pictures of the paint in OUR tiny master bathroom:

And just in case you can't see the sponging detail, here is another shot.

Now, I would like to submit that these colors (Teal, dusty rose, and mauve) were probably "in" at the time the bathroom was done and HGTV probably did not exist. The person probably did not know to mix glaze with the paint, or how to use the sponge to get the effect they wanted. (I can't even tell you what I think of every time I look at the shape on the left...they are everywhere, though.) They probably did this in the bathroom because NO ONE would ever see it, and it was a good place to test it. I would even like to think that it did not turn out as they had expected, and that maybe they, too, thought it was...well, maybe not ugly. They did keep it...

It used to have a border around the middle, too. We took the border off the first week we were in the house, and I was sure this would be one of the first rooms to get a face-lift. That was six years ago. What happened? About a week after we took off the border, the shower was pouring water into the basement. A simple paint job and new fixtures were not going to cut it. So, we took down a wall, called a plumber and were told the pipes were fine, but we could get a whole new bathroom for $$$$$. We did not trust him. But, it was just discouraging enough that we figured we would have to wait until we had money to get the shower fixed before any other work in the room. As I am not one to start a project I can't finish, this is what I have been looking at for the last six years.

I know...we made it worse! The only times I have been sick enough of waiting, and decided I wanted to at LEAST change the paint, I was pregnant. I was not sticking myself in that tiny space with paint fumes. So, it never got done. There is a glimmer of hope, however. See this?

That picture there is the prototype for the low wall we are going to build for our new shower, that will have a glass enclosure. Some paint and new fixtures (did you catch that mirror?) are the only other things standing in the way of me and a new bathroom.

We firmly believe in waiting until we have the money for a project before we start, and there are so many projects we have had to do on this house. The first year here, we found out the coal stove we now owned was a fire hazard, and we needed a new stove. We knew this would make a huge difference in our heating costs, so it got priority. In the subsequent years, we fixed the roof so we wouldn't have shingles flying all over the yard any more, replaced original (1972!) windows, switched to vinyl siding (which DH installed himself!), gave the kitchen a new look (though I dream of a new kitchen...) and FINALLY got rid of the orange carpet in the basement. So, I don't know whether it will be months or years before the bathroom is really finished. I am hoping for the former, but I am just happy to have that little glimmer of hope that SOMETHING is going to happen after all these years!

Then...I think it will be on to the office...(EVERYTHING from the flooring to the molding, to the window, to the walls are the same color blue...not sure WHAT they were thinking. The only thing different is the inside of the closet which is sponged (again!) with primary colors. Although, there are two other bathrooms making their cases for attention, as well. Decisions, decisions! =0)

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