Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our "Workboxes"

I have been looking at some homeschool blogs where they talk about "Work boxes." I thought this would really benefit our family and help us to be organized and help me to be accountable to not skip the activities that take more preparation. So, I looked into them, but wasn't sure I wanted to buy any of the supplies I saw others using - I felt it was too much money if we found out the system wouldn't work for us. Then I saw this type of set-up on The Homeschool Classroom blog.

I loved it! It is the perfect way for us to see how this system works for us, and it was less expensive to try. (A few hours after this picture was taken, the 3M hooks I was using gave, I ended up moving them to our office and hung them with picture hangers instead.)

Last week, in preparation for our first week of school, we decorated some folders for each subject. I still need to label them...don't know what is taking me so long! I keep having to look to see which one is Princess' and which is Little Man's.

I will post more about our first week of school at the end of the week. Hopefully, I will actually have some pictures of some of our activities. As of right now, I have been finding my bearings and have not had the camera on hand. Maybe I should get that ready tonight! =0)

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