Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Boy

I love this little boy more than words can say…but I really wish he had not stepped on my foot the other day!
It has been a bit of a joke in our family that ever since he started to walk, Little Man had a talent for inflicting pain on others with his feet.  He never meant it, just stepped at just the right spot to make it REALLY hurt.
Well, he is much bigger now, and I found out a few days ago that he has not lost this talent.  He stepped on my foot one night, and when I went to bed I thought, “Man, my foot is cramping up.  I wonder what I did.”  Three days later, it was painful to even walk.  And after dropping a laundry basket on my other foot, I was pretty much not walking anywhere.  It’s a good thing I kept busy this summer and got a lot done!  All told, I was somewhat "out of commission" for a week.  After staying off my foot completely for a week, I think I am almost recovered. I took that as my chance to finally sit around and blog about some of the work we have done.  I will try to share those posts in the next few days.  Maybe I will get a chance to sit some more and blog about all the kids activities next!

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