Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just for Fun

Okay, my friend Kathy tagged me in her "Just for fun" post, here are the questions she asked:

1. As a Mom, how do you find time for exercise?  I wish I had a great answer for this one!  I didn't actually exercise much for the summer, but I am looking forward to starting my Pilates class again, which I get to do because it is at night when my husband can watch the kids.

2. What type of exercise {if any} do you make time to do?  Other than the Pilates, I haven't done much.  However, I am looking at some books on Physical fitness in your homeschool hoping to get some ideas for getting my kids active, too!

3. What is your favorite healthy snack?  Argh!  Health and fitness questions...I am so bad at these...Okay, not sure if it is healthy or not, but I love Wallaby Lowfat Yogurt and some crackers for a snack.

4. What is your favorite 'splurge' snack? Chocolate Almonds, for sure, are my favorite right now.  (Really...I am addicted!)

5. What fall TV show{s} are you looking forward to watching?  I don't know!  I stopped watching most shows, and honestly don't know which ones that I do watch start in the fall 'til they show up on my Tivo.  I like 19 kids and counting, but that has already been going for a while now.

6. What activities do your children participate in?   We are just now trying to decide.  Dance for Princess, definitely, maybe soccer for one or both of the older two, and I would love to get them involved in some art classes.  We also joined a homeschool co-op and will be joining some of their activities as well.

7. What do you love most about Fall? I like that I can comfortably take walks again.  The crisp air, clear skies, and beautiful colors make it all the more enjoyable!

8. What book are you currently reading? I just finished "In the Presence of My Enemies" by Gracia Burnham and started listening to "Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom.

Now, I can't wait to go back and read what her other friends answered for the Health related questions! 

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