Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everyday Fun

During the first few months of Princess' life, I read articles on the importance of jotting down little quotes and memories so that you would remember them over the years. I have never been as good at this as I wish I had been, but I am still thankful for the articles because I know I have captured more than I would have without them. I used to send out emails with collections of some of the things the kids had done or said, and decided that I would try to resurrect the habit here. So, without further are some stories, quotes and pictures from the last few months.

Wedding Dress Shopping
Princess is going to be in a wedding in October, so we went dress shopping. She had fun trying on all the poufy dresses, if you couldn't tell by the picture! =0) We also went to get our hair done together. Although we went to the kids' salon, she sat on the women's side with me. She was VERY excited to get her hair washed professionally. They don't usually do that for the kids, but she asked me on the way to the salon, and asked them as soon as we got there. For those of you with Facebook, you can see more pictures of her in the dresses on my page. (If you don't have a Facebook account, you can email me and I will send you the link.)

Recent Princess Quotes:
"I don't sleep ever! Except at Christmas, I pretend to so I can get presents!"

After I tickled her, she turned the tables and tickled me, singing a song from her Memory Verse album, "Do unto others what you would have them do to you, to you!"

She introduced herself as Mater, from the movie Cars, saying, "Shake my wheel!"

"On hot summer days, hot chocolate turns to water! I love water."

Little Man:
This shirt was a present from the kids' auntie who is in RCMP training. Little Man was so excited about it, that he grabbed his fireman's hat (the closest thing to the RCMP uniform he could find) and declared that he was an officer! We quickly took some photos to send to her (sorry for not getting them to you sooner, auntie!).

Little Man also finished his first year of preschool. He is looking forward to summer, and asks to go in the pool every time he sees the sun shining. Unfortunately, the big pool he would love to swim in isn't even ready yet.

Recent Little Man Quotes:
"I was shade bathing!" (He said this to me after disappearing while playing outside. I found him laying in the grass under the tree.)

Princess had already been sick a few days in a row, and had a fever. When Little Man acted strangely one afternoon, I knew it was time to take his temperature. Sure enough, he had a high temp and needed medicine. He immediately started crying and pointed at her saying, "[Princess] touched me!" It is nice to know that he really understands the concept of spreading germs!

Little Man doesn't like it when characters in TV shows do things they are not supposed to. He came running upstairs the other day because a character was disobeying. When the show ended, he said, "Phew! I thought that naughty boy would never stop!"

Learning Cosmetology
Ah, yes. Doesn't she look so innocent? So angelic? No, her stitches did not open and bleed, Pookie is just experimenting with my make-up. I wish that I took pictures every time I find her with something she is not supposed to have, I could probably make quite an entertaining album. Here, she is using my eye shadow brush to apply a cream blush to her chin. Whenever I find her with something like this, she runs away trying to get as much done as she can. (i.e. if she is eating, she stuffs her face as fast as she can until I catch up with her.)

Recent Pookie Quotes:
When we say, "I love you" to Pookie, she now responds, "I love you, too."

I asked her if she wanted to help me find something, she responded, "Help you to find them."

She was VERY excited at having strawberries for lunch the other day, and was serenading them as she ate, "Strawberry, strawberry strawwwwwberrry..."

Pookie always remembers to say her prayers. Usually, it is just a series of "Jesus esus esu es jesu" and then "amen" However, at lunch the other day, she included her apple and her boo-boo in her prayers.

I know that I will never do it justice, I will probably never catch it on camera, but I hope I never forget her singing her favorite bedtime song, "Jesus Loves Me." The facial expressions she makes are so cute, and her memory of the words is amazing to me.

I hope that you have enjoyed our stories! If you would like to see more pics, you can check Facebook or email me for a link.

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