Sunday, June 27, 2010

Evolution of my "Mommy Card"

A friend of mine posted her first "mommy card" and it reminded me of my first one.

I first heard of the Mommy Card when I had Little Man. I didn't have many friends with kids, so I thought the idea was good - I would give them to other moms as a way of trying to connect. As I took my Princess to different community activities, I would hand them out to people I met. Honestly, those first few times were UNCOMFORTABLE! I felt like a sales person giving out my card. However, I have learned a little about timing since then and use them more for when someone asks me my contact info.

I found a "Top Ten Reasons to Use Your Mommy Card" list. There are quite a few of those reasons I can't use because I don't have my kid's pictures on mine, but I still think it's a cute list.

I can't claim that any of my card designs are original, but I was too cheap to buy them so I made them all on the computer. The cards really reflect times in my life, so looking at them was kind of a walk down memory lane...

The first card was when Princess and Little Man were both baby/toddler age, and I wanted it to reflect both boys and girls. After looking online at what was available, I found some clipart in Microsoft Word and this is what I came up with:

First Mommy Card

Then, when Princess was in Preschool, I was giving the card mostly to Moms of preschool girls, so I researched online again and went with a little more feminine, yet still playful, look. I edited the clipart in Word so it would reflect the ages and hair color of each of the kids.

Second Mommy Card

Recently, Little Man was finishing up his first year of Preschool and I was thinking that I needed to print some more cards. Somehow, I didn't feel comfortable giving all the Moms of rough-and-tumble boys such a feminine card. So, I decided that I should make a card that reflected me a little. I found a card online, and basically copied the style.

Current Mommy Card

Okay, so this one is feminine, too; but it is more applicable to any situation because it is more to reflect me than the kids. I liked the more sophisticated style, but truthfully I am already thinking of doing one that has more of a fun flair to it, as well! I always did like changing things up, and I have fun putting them together.

It is amazing to me how such a little thing like changing your "Mommy Card" can help you reflect on how much life changes in such a short period of time!


  1. Wow, I have never heard of such a thing, you're making me feel old and outdated!! The closes thing I have heard of is from an older couple in our church that has a card with just their name on it. They said they started doing that when they lived in Japan. Apparently everyone in Japan carries an identifying card and they pass it out with most greetings. That's the closes I have heard to this.

    If I had had one, I would have had to have put a disclaimer on the bottom, "You are welcome to join us playing but the house is a wreck, playdate at your own risk." :)

  2. I don't think many people have heard of them, so you are definitely not old! *smile* Sometimes, when I give them out, people laugh because they have never seen anything like it. I don't care, though. They are so useful!

    As far as your disclaimer...I would have come over. =0)

  3. I LOVE THE STYLE of your cards! I didn't even know you blogged til I saw your FB comment... oooo I shall follow you!! :o)


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