Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Miss Independent

I had alluded to Pookie's tendency to just go ahead and get whatever she wants in my last post about the kids. She is the only one of my children who will go into the closet and grab whatever she wants and start eating it. She did not start out being sneaky about grabbing stuff, but that has evolved as she figured out I would take it away when I found out. *smile* Her tendency to run away with things has expanded to non-food items, as well. After my last post, I decided to start keeping track of the things I have found her with. Here are some of the things I remembered to write down:

  • Raisins - by far her favorite snack! They get stolen more often than anything.
  • Body Spray - Not only did she take it from my room, I found her spraying it on herself frantically to get as much out of the bottle before I took it.
  • iPod - When she knew that I saw her, she ran to try and put it back where she found it.
  • Goldfish - We have the biggest box I could find...she can't even get her arms all the way around it.
  • Scissors - Another thing she knew she wasn't allowed to have...thankfully I got to her before she went running with them.
  • Chocolate Covered Almonds - She doesn't even like them! I think she thought they were the chocolate covered raisins. hehehe
  • Make-up Bag - AGAIN! Thankfully, I found her before anymore red got on her face.
  • My Keys - This one is kind of funny, because I have found the doors to the car open when she played with them before.
  • Chip Bag - At 10am, a little after breakfast, I heard her plop down on the floor with a bag. When I turned around, she already had the clip off and was eating.
Here is an example of what it is like when I catch her in the act (at the end, she is telling me to turn the camera screen so she can see herself...)

Last, but certainly not the least...yesterday, she came up to me with my espresso beans. She had taken the bag out of the box I keep them in, opened it and already had a few in her mouth. She said, "Coffee!" Then, she started to chew them. The look on her face was priceless! She looked like she was confused by why something that mommy likes so much would taste so horrible. I wanted to grab the video camera, but it was downstairs. I asked her if it tasted good, she said "mm-hmm" (yes). A few seconds after I figured out what she had in her mouth, she spit them out. So, I only got a picture of her pointing to them on the floor. Still, I wonder if she has learned anything from this valuable lesson???

Pookie pointing to the beans on the floor
The beans by the bag

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  1. Hi Janelle
    I haven't had a chance to read alot of thisyet, ut it iscute so far. I wanted totel you 9o anothrbog written by a former roommate of mine now married and living near Milwaukee. She also homeschools, is a stay at home Mom, and has gotten several articles she's written published in magazines. She spent a year as a missionary in Turkey before she married and has worked for Campus Crusade for Christ in the Midwest discipling other young women. Now pregnant with their 3rd child I think you two would really hit it off, and have some great MOM discussions---something I can't relate to...She grew up in Quaker Hill and was Laura Hughes best friend....Amy Rutherford, now Simon.


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